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Geopathic Stress

The magnetic energy emanating from these irregularities, especially when coming up into our home or place of work, can become harmful to our health.

Geopathic Stress and Health

The body can't remain unbalanced for a long period of time, without eventually opening itself to the onset of illness. How soon this occurs depends on a person's over-all health and on how many hours are spent in the affected zone.

Are You Experiencing Geopathic Stress?

Falling ill often, Missing link between husband and wife, kids are not respecting elders, Children showing less interest in Education. Unfaithful Servants are troubling, suffering with restless nights, Savings are slowly vanishing, anyone in your family seems hyper, Cranky, or moody for no apparent reason, do you feel energy drained from you? Is there any room you feel scary? Feeling Depression or suffering job dissatisfaction, Disrespect from employees or lack of recognition from employer, Missing Good clients /loss in spite of all efforts? If the answer is almost "yes" for the above said questions/situations, undergo energy Survey for Geopathic stress.

Sick Building Syndrome

Usually, no specific illness or causes can be detected/identified in such situations. SBS usually happens due to flaws in heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) systems in buildings. SBR is also caused by various contaminants that are often produced by outgassing different types of building materials, volatile organic compounds, etc.


Today, city-dwellers are heavily exposed to Electrosmog, which is caused by almost all of the modern day electrical and magnetic devices, such as, cell phones, laptops, cell tower radiation, microwaves, etc. Research proves the fact that body constantly bombarded with Esmog faces stress at the cellular level. This is extremely harmful as it alters the physiology of the cells.

Guruji Prof Dr.V.Sukumaran MBBS MD PH.D ,7 force Geovasthu /Orgovasthu Founders comment  Alarming fact is 85% of people are suffering with ill health due to long term exposure to Geopathic Stress Zone which is creating Geopathic stress victim/sick building syndrome.


Orgone transforms the heavy energy (DOR or Dead Orgone Radiation) into clean, positive and healthy energy, This not only purifies your Aura and chakras but also lends a very positive effect on the surrounding environment. An Orgone enriched environment is equally beneficial for both humans and pets. Methods like Biofeedback, Aura Scanning, Kinesiology, Dowsing, etc., shows how Orgone brings about a distinct improvement in the entire energy field.

How Orgone works

Orgone when placed in any environment draws the harmful, negative energy into it. This energy goes through a series of organic & inorganic layers in the Orgonelite device. In the process, the  negative energy gets converted into positive energy. Each Orgonelite device has a crystal core which is designed to work as a permanent self-charging battery. This core nullifies negative energy and infuses the entire surrounding with only good energy. You can simply place the Orgonelite device on your workstation or next to your desktop/ laptop. To avoid EMF while traveling, you can also try placing this portable device in the car.

Benefits of Orgone

  • Lets you enjoy a peaceful sleep
  • Improves vitality
  • Gives you protection against negative energies
  • Helps you purify the aura and the chakras
  • Facilitates spiritual well-being and growth
  • A potent tool for healing & meditation
  • Brings positive charges in food, water, medicines, etc.
  • Contributes towards harmonious personal relationships
  • A very effective Vaastu correction tool

Apart from aforementioned products, we also offer DNA Encoding Power Disk, Orgone Food Charging Plate, Orgone Pocket Purse Disk, Childbirth/Marriage Success Pyramid, Education/ Mediation Success Pyramid and Pocket Orgonite Disk. Made of quality materials like crystal granules, metal, etc., our products are matchless in durability and reliability. They are appreciated for their effectiveness and reasonable prices. Several customers avail our products to heal their energies and live a happy & balanced life.

All our products are manufactured in our production unit. Starting from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods, all the activities that take place in this unit are carried out by our employees in a meticulous manner. As a customer's centric organization, we are highly committed to earn customer's appreciation and satisfaction. Therefore, not only we provide effective products, but also make their timely deliveries.

Core Competencies

  • Highly Effective Products
  • Market Credibility
  • Wide Network of Product Distribution
  • Ethical Business Dealings

Our Products

We hold in-depth knowledge of Vedic Science that leads us to develop products that are highly effective. We are also associated with some of the most renowned astrologers and sages who guide us to develop our products. Each of our products is manufactured under the guidance of these intellectuals. And this is why, we are capable of offering products, which eliminate all the negative energies surrounded the users and bring luck & happiness for them. All the products are also well checked by our team to ensure that only the best products reach the customers. Moreover, we are also offering the customized solutions. So if customers have any particular needs in terms of the products, then they can consult us.

We are manufacturing, wholesaler / distributor and exporter and supplying the following products.

  • Hi Power Man Door Kit
  • Orgone Energy Water Harmonizing Coaster
  • ORGO- Bau Max Sree Chakra Mahameru Wealth Pyramid
  • DNA Encoding Power Disk
  • Orgone Food Charging Plate
  • Childbirth/Marriage Success Pyramid
  • Education/ Mediation Success Pyramid
  • Pocket Orgonite Disk
  • Orgone Pocket Purse Disk

Some Of The Key Benefits Of Our Products

  • Our products re-energies the users' base chakra and bring desirable results for them.
  • They help the users to transmute their negative energies.
  • Our products are ideal for meditation and bring peace to the users' life.
  • Protect from the harmful spirits and ward off the evil eye.
  • Improve the memory and the overall health of the users.

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